Give Me My Flowers While I Yet Live
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Give Me My Flowers While I Yet Live

Sun-kissed moments, joy not to miss,
Roses red, in daylight's bliss.

Clarity today, no haze to strive,
Love's warm words, feeling alive.

Silence awaits, sing your song,
Life’s brief, love strong and long.

Flowers now, their scent to give,
In love we share, in memories we live.

Sunset’s glow, day’s last drive,
Cherishing now, feeling alive.

Stars above, in night’s gentle weave,
Hearts full, in love we believe.
A tranquil field under a starry night sky
A tranquil field under a starry night sky


This poem is a succinct call to appreciate and express love in the present, emphasizing the fleeting nature of life. It encourages the sharing of affection, laughter, and memories while there is still time. The focus is on the immediacy of experiencing and acknowledging love, suggesting that the true essence of living is found in the moments we share and the expressions of love we give freely to one another.

Inspiration Behind

I was moved by the concept of living fully in the present and the simple yet profound act of giving and receiving love. This poem aims to strip down the complexities of life to what truly matters—connecting with others through genuine expressions of affection and appreciation. The inspiration came from wanting to encapsulate the beauty of life’s transient moments, urging us to seize the day and fill it with love’s vibrant colors, leaving no room for regret, only cherished memories.

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