It is Your Son from Heaven poem
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It is Your Son from Heaven

Mother, here where stars forever shine,
I send my love, through time's own weave.
Do not cry by the moon's soft glow,
For in heaven's grace, I freely roam.

Each breeze you feel is my hello,
Every dawn, my face in the light.
The flowers you tend hold my laughter,
In their colors, my spirit dances bright.

With angels, I watch over you,
Guiding steps with gentle care.
In dreams, I visit, close and true,
Our bond unbroken, a silent prayer.

Fear not the night, nor the empty space,
For I am here, in every loving trace.
Mother, in the stars, find my embrace,
Your son from heaven, in eternal grace.
Son thinking about mommy at a distant earth
Son thinking about mommy at a distant earth
Mommy feels the heavenly breeze on earth
Mommy feels the heavenly breeze on earth


It is Your Son from Heaven poem communicates a tender message from a son in heaven to his grieving mother, assuring her that his presence and love persist beyond the physical realm. The imagery of nature and celestial elements symbolizes his ongoing connection and protective gaze over her. The son reassures his mother that their bond remains strong and unbroken, offering comfort and peace through the metaphorical embraces found in everyday elements of life.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined a serene and celestial landscape, feeling the quiet yet profound connection between a mother and her son who has passed. The gentle breeze, the warm light of dawn, and the vibrant flowers all became messengers of his enduring presence and love. Creating this poem, I focused on conveying comfort and a peaceful reassurance that love transcends even the ultimate separation of death. Each line was crafted to be a soft reminder of an everlasting bond.

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