Heaven Has Everything But Mommy Poem

Heaven Has Everything But Mommy

Heaven holds the stars so bright,
Fields of gold in endless light.
Rivers sing with laughter clear,
Yet without you, joy’s not near.

Birds of paradise take flight,
Colors bold from morn till night.
Angel’s harps play tunes anew,
Still, Heaven lacks, it needs you.

Mom, I walk on streets of gold,
Feel the peace of tales told.
But missing is your tender hue,
In this splendor, I seek you.

Love binds us, beyond the blue,
Heaven has all, except you.
Please smile when you think of me,
For through your love, I'm truly free.
Starry Solitude Felt by the Son in Heaven
Starry Solitude Felt by the Son in Heaven
Heavenly splendor
Heavenly splendor
Son misses mommy
Son, in heaven, misses mommy


Heaven Has Everything But Mommy poem communicates a poignant sentiment from a son in heaven, highlighting the splendor and beauty of the celestial realm, yet emphasizing the incompleteness he feels without his mother’s presence. It captures a tender yet profound realization that even amidst paradise, the true essence of joy is found in the shared love with those we hold dear.

Inspiration Behind

While crafting this piece, I envisioned a celestial paradise, resplendent with beauty yet echoing with a sense of solitude for the son who deeply misses his mother. The vibrant scenes of heaven contrast with the emotional void of her absence, emphasizing that true contentment stems from love and connections rather than mere surroundings.

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