March Poems for Kindergarten
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March Poems for Kindergarten

March’s Silly Parade

March brings rain,
But no pain.
Cats in coats,
Chasing boats.

Frogs with glasses,
Jumping in masses.
Ducks in hats,
Avoiding cats.

Raindrops fall,
Fun for all.
March's parade,
A joyful charade.
Frogs with glasses
Frogs with glasses


This poem turns March’s unpredictable weather into a whimsical celebration, depicting animals engaging in humorous antics. It imagines cats wearing raincoats, frogs donning sunglasses, and ducks sporting polka-dotted hats, all partaking in the playful spirit of the season. The light-hearted tone and imagery are designed to entertain and bring smiles, showing that even rainy days can be full of joy and laughter. It’s a reminder of the fun and silliness that can be found in everyday moments, especially when viewed through the imaginative eyes of children.

Ducks in hats
Ducks in hats

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the playful mischief that the month of March seems to bring, this poem was born from a desire to capture the laughter and joy that can be found in the simplest things. Watching animals during the early days of spring, their antics often seem like a parade of silliness, a perfect reflection of the season’s changeable nature. I wanted to craft a piece that would resonate with the kindergarteners’ sense of wonder and amusement, using the imagery of animals in human-like scenarios to spark giggles and share the fun that the start of spring can bring.

March’s Playful Days

In March, when skies turn blue,
And grass whispers with a dewy hue,
Children laugh and play outside,
In the breeze, they joyfully glide.

Kittens chase the butterflies,
Underneath the sunny skies.
Raincoats bright on rainy days,
Puddles splash in joyful ways.

Kites soar high, colors blend,
With each gust, they ascend.
March brings smiles, far and wide,
In its beauty, we take pride.
A kitten chasing the butterflies
A kitten chasing the butterflies


This poem celebrates the playful and joyous essence of March as experienced through the eyes of children and the natural world. It highlights the transition from winter to spring, emphasizing the renewal and growth that characterizes this time of year. The imagery of kittens playing, children in raincoats, and kites flying high in the sky serves to remind us of the simple pleasures that each new season brings. The poem encapsulates the spirit of March, filled with life, laughter, and the promise of warmer days ahead.

Kids playing in puddles
Kids playing in puddles

Inspiration Behind

As I set out to write this poem, I drew inspiration from the vivid memories of my own childhood experiences of March. The first hints of spring, the joyful play in the rain, and the excitement of flying kites on a windy day were moments of pure bliss. These memories, filled with laughter and play, guided my words, aiming to capture the essence of March’s playful days. I wanted to create a piece that resonated with the innocence and wonder of exploring the world anew, as nature awakens and invites us to revel in its beauty.

March’s Gentle Welcome

March says hello,
With flowers below.
Blue skies above,
Nature shows love.

Bunnies hop by,
Under the sky.
Bees buzz, so keen,
In gardens green.

Kids laugh and play,
In March's bright day.
Spring's gentle start,
Warms every heart.
Bunny enjoys the springtime
Bunny enjoys the springtime


This poem is a vibrant ode to the onset of spring, particularly through the lens of March’s gentle welcoming. It paints a picture of a world coming to life with the blooming of flowers, the clear blue skies, and the joyful activities of both animals and children. The poem uses short, vivid lines to capture the essence of spring’s renewal and the joy it brings to people and nature alike. It’s a celebration of the warmth, beauty, and playful spirit that define March, inviting readers to observe and appreciate the simple wonders of the changing seasons.

Kids laugh and play in colorful March
Kids laugh and play in colorful March

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration for this piece came from the first signs of spring that March often brings. I wanted to capture the joy and wonder that fills the air as the natural world awakens from its winter slumber. From the hopping bunnies to the buzzing bees and the playing children, each element was chosen to evoke a sense of renewal and happiness. This poem reflects my own fond memories of exploring the outdoors in early spring, marveling at the beauty of life beginning anew. It’s a tribute to the simple pleasures that the season brings, and a reminder of the warmth and love that surrounds us during this magical time of year.

March’s Funny Tales

Mouse with a leaf,
Such a thief!
Rainy day fun,
March has begun.

Squirrels dine out,
Under a spout.
Mushroom their roof,
Rainproof, aloof.

Birds in coats,
Singing notes.
Puddles their stage,
March, the front page.
Squirrels dine out
Squirrels dine out


This poem dives into the humorous side of March, portraying animals in playful and imaginative scenarios. A mouse uses a leaf as an umbrella, squirrels host a picnic under a mushroom, and birds don tiny raincoats, all embracing the season’s showers with joy and creativity. Each stanza offers a glimpse into a whimsical world where nature and humor intertwine, celebrating the unexpected and amusing moments that come with early spring’s changing weather. It’s a nod to the delight and laughter that can be found in observing the natural world’s adaptation to the season.

Birds in coats
Birds in coats enjoying the rain

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the playful antics of animals and the whimsical moments of spring, this poem was crafted to capture the laughter and joy that the season brings. Watching how animals might humorously navigate the challenges and opportunities of March’s unpredictable weather sparked the imagination for these funny tales. The goal was to create a lighthearted and engaging poem that would amuse and delight, drawing upon the imaginative possibilities of what animals might do when faced with the elements of spring. It’s a celebration of the fun and playful spirit that March awakens in all of us, both young and old.

End Words

These March Poems for Kindergarten collectively capture the essence of March through a kaleidoscope of vivid imagery and playful narratives. From the whimsical antics of animals preparing for spring’s showers to the joyous activities of children and nature’s creatures alike, each piece invites readers into a world where the simple wonders of the changing season are celebrated. Through short, lively stanzas, they evoke a sense of warmth, humor, and wonder, reminding us of the endless possibilities for joy and laughter that the arrival of spring brings. Together, they form a delightful ode to March, offering a glimpse into the heartwarming and humorous moments that define this time of year.

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