Memorial Day Poems for Kids
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Memorial Day Poems for Kids

Little Heroes’ Day

Flags flutter, bright and high,
In the breeze, under the sky.
Picnics on this sunny day,
In the park where children play.

We remember, with a cheer,
Heroes brave, both far and near.
They kept safe our lands and seas,
So we live in peace and ease.

Thank you, heroes, for your might.
Thanks for making our world right.
With small hands, we wave and say,
Happy, brave Memorial Day!
Children playing in a sunny park with colorful flags fluttering in the background
Children playing in a sunny park with colorful flags fluttering in the background


This poem celebrates Memorial Day through the eyes of children, focusing on the joyous activities of the day, like picnics and playing in the park, while also acknowledging the bravery and sacrifices of heroes who have fought to protect our freedoms. It uses simple, child-friendly language to express gratitude and respect for these heroes, making it a gentle introduction to the significance of the day.

Inspiration Behind

I wanted to capture the essence of Memorial Day in a way that resonates with kids—full of color and life, yet interwoven with the theme of gratitude and respect for those who have protected us. The imagery of flags, picnics, and playful cheer crafts a scene familiar to children, making the poem’s message accessible and meaningful. Through this poem, I hope to instill a sense of pride and thankfulness in young minds for our heroes’ great deeds.

March of the Little Stars

We march with little stars today,
Bright badges glint in morning's ray.
Red, white, blue—our colors sway,
Honoring heroes in our way.

Cookies, smiles, all set to share,
Songs of thanks float in the air.
Brave stories told with extra care,
For those who fought, we show we care.

Hands in hands, we form a line,
Proud and strong, their stories shine.
Thank you, stars, for your brave sign,
This special day, you make us fine.
Kids waving tiny flags during a Memorial Day parade
Kids waving tiny flags during a Memorial Day parade
Children sharing cookies and singing songs at a picnic during a Memorial Day celebration
Children sharing cookies and singing songs at a picnic during a Memorial Day celebration


This poem captures the excitement and reverence of Memorial Day from a child’s perspective. It depicts children participating in a march, wearing stars as badges of honor, sharing treats, and singing songs of gratitude. Through this, the poem gently teaches children about respect and remembrance for those who have served their country.

Inspiration Behind

I envisioned a scene where children actively participate in Memorial Day by donning little stars, symbolizing the shining badges of bravery. The idea of children marching, sharing cookies, and singing creates a vibrant and touching picture. I hoped to convey both the seriousness and the child-like innocence of commemorating our heroes in a way that young readers would find engaging and memorable.

Tiny Hands, Big Salute

Little hands rise to the sky,
Waving flags as cars go by.
Red and blue, white shining bright,
Marching on this special night.

Heroes brave, from long ago,
Fought for freedom, we all know.
Tiny voices sing a tune,
Underneath the stars and moon.

Parades and cheers fill the day,
As we learn, remember, say,
"Thank you for the things you've done,
For the battles that you've won."

With our hearts, we stand so proud,
In a quiet, grateful crowd.
Tiny hands, a big salute,
Honoring each brave recruit.
Little Flag Wavers
Little Flag Wavers
Nighttime Parade
Nighttime Parade


Tiny Hands, Big Salute” celebrates Memorial Day from a child’s perspective. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and honoring the sacrifices of soldiers in a simple and child-friendly manner, highlighting themes of gratitude and respect.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by watching kids at a Memorial Day parade. Their innocence and pride in learning to salute the flag touched my heart. I wanted to capture their genuine appreciation and the importance of teaching them about sacrifice in a way they can understand.

My Grandpa’s Medals

Grandpa’s medals shine so bright,
Stories told on starry nights.
Bravery in every tale,
Through the wind and rain and hail.

Uniform so crisp and neat,
Marching boots upon his feet.
Battles fought, both near and far,
Underneath the evening star.

Tiny hands reach out to hold,
Medals, ribbons, stories bold.
Grandpa smiles, his eyes alight,
Proud of his courageous fight.

He shows me maps, and letters too,
Photos of his loyal crew.
With each medal, there's a story,
Of bravery and heartfelt glory.

I salute him, just like he,
Learning all his history.
My grandpa's medals, shining bright,
Keep his memory close and tight.
Medal Memories
Medal Memories


“My Grandpa’s Medals” honors the bravery and stories of a child’s grandparent who served in the military. It captures the pride and admiration felt by the child, highlighting the importance of remembering and respecting past sacrifices.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the way children look up to their grandparents. Seeing a child’s pride in their grandparent’s achievements made me want to write about the special bond they share through stories and medals.

Little Hero’s Dream

In my dreams, I wear a cape,
Fly through clouds and great escape.
March with soldiers, brave and strong,
In a land where I belong.

Learn of heroes, tales so grand,
Who fought bravely for our land.
With a flag held high and true,
I dream of what I could do.

Saving friends from mighty foes,
Helping where the courage grows.
Wishing I could be like them,
In a hero's uniform hem.

Tiny steps, a future bright,
Guided by their shining light.
Memorial Day helps me see,
What a hero I could be.

Dreaming big with all my might,
Hoping to protect what's right.
One day I’ll be strong and free,
A hero, just wait and see.
Dreaming of Heroes
Dreaming of Heroes


“Little Hero’s Dream” captures a child’s aspiration to become a hero inspired by the brave soldiers remembered on Memorial Day. It highlights the importance of role models and the dreams they ignite in young hearts.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by children’s imagination and their desire to be like the heroes they admire. Watching kids at Memorial Day events, I saw how these stories light up their dreams, leading to this poem.

Thank You, Soldiers!

We write cards with love and cheer,
Sending thanks both far and near.

Drawing flags in red, white, blue,
For the heroes brave and true.

Little hands with crayons bright,
Show our soldiers in the fight.

Words of thanks and hearts so kind,
In each card, a note you'll find.

Learning stories, feeling proud,
Voices saying thanks aloud.

Heroes strong and full of grace,
Fighting in a distant place.

Cards of hope and cards of cheer,
To let them know we're always here.

Simple drawings, simple lines,
Filled with love that always shines.

Sending hugs from far away,
Hoping they’ll be safe each day.

Thank you, soldiers, for your might,
Keeping us safe every night.
Mail of Gratitude
Mail of Gratitude


“Thank You, Soldiers!” highlights children expressing their gratitude to soldiers through thank-you cards. It focuses on the importance of recognizing the efforts and sacrifices of soldiers in a simple, heartfelt way.

Inspiration Behind

Watching kids create thank-you cards for soldiers inspired me. Their pure and simple expressions of gratitude made me want to capture this in a poem, showing how small gestures can mean a lot.

End Words

These Memorial Day Poems for Kids offer a gentle and accessible way for children to engage with the themes of Memorial Day, using familiar settings and activities to highlight the importance of honoring and remembering those who have served. Through playful imagery and simple language, the poems foster a sense of gratitude and respect, making the concepts of sacrifice and service understandable and relatable to young readers.

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