A lonely frog

Poem Frog

In the realm of ink and verse,
Lies a frog unique and terse,
Bound to pages, crisp and old,
In a tale that's often told.

Never leaped in ponds or streams,
Only in the poets' dreams,
Hopping through stanzas, line by line,
In a world that's purely thine.

Rain has never kissed its skin,
Nor has the morning dew soaked in,
Yet it croaks in rhythmic tones,
Echoing through the paper zones.

It's a creature of the lore,
In the literature's core,
Living where the words entwine,
In the poet's crafted shrine.

This Poem Frog, in its grace,
Holds a uniquely special place,
In the world that's penned and wrought,
It leaps and lives in thought.


The poem “Poem Frog” describes a unique frog that exists only within the pages of books and poetry. Unlike real frogs, it has never experienced the natural world, never leaped in real ponds or felt rain and dew. It lives and moves through the verses and stanzas created by poets, existing solely in the realm of imagination and literature. The poem celebrates this fictional frog as a special and graceful inhabitant of the literary world.

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