Night life of a frog

Froggie Poem

In the velvet cloak of the night so deep,
Where the whispers of the wind gently creep,
There lives Froggie, in the marsh's heart,
Where the ballet of fireflies does start.

With a hop and a jump under starlit skies,
He watches the dance of the firefly spies.
Tiny lanterns flicker, a dazzling sight,
Illuminating the marsh in the soft moonlight.

Froggie croaks a tune, a rhythmic beat,
Echoing through the reeds, oh so sweet.
The fireflies whirl in a glowing spree,
A spectacle of light, wild and free.

Together they play, in the night's embrace,
A symphony of nature in this tranquil place.
Froggie leaps with joy, in the fireflies' glow,
Under the watchful moon, they put on a show.

In this nocturnal world, where magic lies,
Among the chorus of frogs and fireflies' cries,
Froggie finds his peace, in the marsh's song,
Where the night's melody truly belongs.


“Froggie Poem” captures the enchanting nightlife of a frog named Froggie in the marsh, intertwined with the mesmerizing dance of fireflies. The poem vividly describes the magical interplay between Froggie’s rhythmic croaking and the fireflies’ glowing display under the moonlit sky. It highlights the harmony and joy found in this natural setting, where the night comes alive with a symphony of light and sound. The poem paints a picture of tranquility and wonder in the nocturnal world of the marsh, celebrating the unique beauty of this ecosystem.

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