A little frog

Frog Poems

1. Reflections in the Ripple

In a pond, serene and still,
Frogs perch on lilies, at their will,
Their croaks ripple through the night,
Echoing under the moon's soft light.

Amidst the reeds, they find their choir,
A symphony in the marsh's attire,
Each note a splash, a leap, a dive,
In their aquatic world, they thrive.

Their eyes, like jewels, glint and gaze,
Reflecting moonbeams' gentle blaze,
In each ripple, a story told,
Of pond life, both young and old.

Under stars, they sing their song,
In the watery world where they belong,
With each reflection in the ripple,
Nature's poetry, simple and triple.

In this dance of light and sound,
Life's beauty in the pond is found,
Where frogs, in their humble grace,
Mirror the world in water's embrace.


“Reflections in the Ripple” is a poem that captures the essence of frogs living in a serene pond. It portrays how they harmoniously exist with nature, singing and leaping in the water under the moonlight. The poem vividly describes their interactions with the environment, emphasizing the beauty found in their simple, rhythmic life. The reflections of the moon and stars in the water’s ripples parallel the natural poetry of the frogs’ existence, highlighting the elegance and tranquility of their world.

2. Whispering Reeds

A croaking frog
In the heart where the reeds whisper low,
Frogs find refuge where cool waters flow.
Hidden from sight, in shades of green,
In this marsh, their kingdom unseen.

The sun dips low, the day at its end,
Shadows dance as night descends.
Frogs emerge in twilight's embrace,
Their chorus fills this tranquil place.

They croak and call in rhythmic tunes,
Under the watch of a crescent moon.
Each note a secret, softly shared,
In the hush of the evening, unimpaired.

Amongst the reeds that gently sway,
Nature's orchestra begins to play.
A symphony of life, wild and free,
In this hidden world, where eyes can't see.

As stars twinkle in the sky above,
Frogs continue their songs of love.
In whispering reeds, they find their delight,
Serenading the marsh throughout the night.


“Whispering Reeds” is a serene poem that captures the essence of frogs living amidst the reeds in a marsh. As night falls, these creatures emerge, croaking and calling in rhythmic tunes, creating a natural symphony that embodies the tranquility and hidden beauty of their world. The poem vividly describes this twilight scene, where frogs revel in their secret kingdom, their chorus harmonizing with the gentle sway of the reeds. It’s a celebration of nature’s quiet moments, highlighting the frogs’ love songs under the crescent moon and twinkling stars.

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