Poems About Narcissistic Mothers
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Poems About Narcissistic Mothers

Mommy’s Crocodile Tears

Her tears fall like a fleeting show,
A cry that's false, a heart that's cold,
Mommy's crocodile tears do flow.

With every smile, a lie we know,
A mother's love, it should be bold,
Her tears fall like a fleeting show.

Her words, they sting, her anger grows,
In warmth's disguise, her heart is sold,
Mommy's crocodile tears do flow.

She plays her part, she steals the show,
But deep inside, her soul is old,
Her tears fall like a fleeting show.

With every hug, a hidden blow,
Her love, a mask, a tale retold,
Mommy's crocodile tears do flow.

In shadows cast, the truth will show,
A mother's love, it should be gold,
Her tears fall like a fleeting show,
Mommy's crocodile tears do flow.
Mommy's false emotions
Mommy’s false emotions


“Mommy’s Crocodile Tears” exposes the false emotions of a narcissistic mother. It captures the pain and confusion caused by her insincere displays of affection and the impact on her children.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by stories of children dealing with narcissistic parents. Their experiences of love that felt manipulative and insincere shaped this poem. It reflects the emotional struggle of distinguishing between genuine affection and deceit.

Smiles for the Camera

Perfect smiles align,
faces bright and posed,
Mom’s eyes gleam wide,
all her beauty shows.

Children stand in line,
stiff and feeling small,
captured moments lie,
love seems spread to all.

Behind the polished frame,
cracks begin to show,
Mom’s praise is cold,
only for the show.

The lens can’t catch,
hearts under strain,
smiles hide the truth,
wrapped in silent pain.
The Perfect Pose
The Perfect Pose


This poem contrasts the surface-level perfection of a family photo with the hidden emotional strain beneath it. It reveals how the appearance of happiness can mask deeper issues within family dynamics, particularly with a narcissistic mother.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this after reflecting on how often pictures don’t tell the full story. Family photos can seem perfect, but the real emotions and struggles remain unseen. I aimed to capture this hidden reality.

Chamber of Praise

In the chamber high,
her voice resounds clear,
all must admire,
none question or veer.

Her words are mirrors,
reflecting her grace,
praise on repeat,
in an endless chase.

Children silent, nod,
fearing to displease,
their thoughts confined,
to the room's unease.

No voice but hers,
can ever be right,
a lonely echo,
in the endless night.
Silent Approval
Silent Approval


This poem explores the isolated world created by a narcissistic mother where her voice is the only one that matters. It highlights the oppressive environment where her need for praise stifles the individuality and voices of others, particularly her children.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about the dynamics in relationships dominated by a narcissistic figure. The concept of an echo chamber, where only one voice is heard and revered, seemed fitting to depict the emotional landscape of such families.

Round and round we go,
on her whims we spin,
joy turns to sorrow,
never knowing when.

Up and down we ride,
her moods take the lead,
a dizzying cycle,
of emotional need.

Her praise, a fleeting sun,
quickly turns to shade,
children grasp for calm,
lost in her charade.

The narcissist’s command,
a carousel’s cruel grace,
trapped in endless loops,
a never-ending race.
Endless Loops
Endless Loops


This poem captures the unpredictable and exhausting experience of living under the rule of a narcissistic mother. It likens the emotional turmoil to a carousel ride, emphasizing the relentless ups and downs driven by her needs and whims.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the metaphor of a carousel, representing the never-ending cycle of emotional highs and lows dictated by a narcissistic figure. It felt like a fitting way to depict the instability and confusion experienced by those affected.

Throne of Lies

In a castle grand,
built on deceit,
the narcissist reigns,
with lies replete.

Her words weave tales,
shiny, yet false,
truth in shadows,
under her pulse.

Children bow low,
to her masked grace,
fear in their eyes,
smiles out of place.

A kingdom of whispers,
where trust is thin,
on the throne of lies,
she wears her grin.
Castle of Deceit
Castle of Deceit


This poem portrays a narcissistic mother as a ruler of a deceitful domain, where her family is subjected to an existence built on lies. It reflects on the impact of her manipulative control and the resulting distrust and fear within the family.

Inspiration Behind

I envisioned a metaphorical castle to represent the grandiosity and falsehoods upheld by a narcissistic figure. The imagery of a throne of lies effectively conveys the manipulative power and the fragile reality it creates.

Mom’s Public Persona

In the public’s eye,
she shines so bright,
praised and adored,
a dazzling sight.

Her words like honey,
sweet and pure,
a perfect picture,
they all concur.

But behind closed doors,
children feel the chill,
her love is distant,
hearts left to fill.

The narcissist's charm,
a facade so grand,
yet in private life,
a cold, empty hand.
Public Adoration
Public Adoration
Private Neglect
Private Neglect


This poem highlights the stark contrast between the public adoration a narcissistic mother receives and the private neglect her children experience. It explores the duality of her persona and the hidden pain it causes.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about how some people can appear perfect in public, receiving admiration and praise, while their true selves are much colder and more distant behind closed doors. This inspired me to write about the hidden struggles of those affected.

The Invisible Siblings

Family gathers round,
stories grandly spun,
Mom's tales light the room,
she’s the blazing sun.

Her voice fills the air,
narcissist’s delight,
children fade away,
lost in her bright light.

Eyes on her alone,
praise her every word,
siblings stand aside,
silenced, never heard.

In a crowded room,
they feel so small,
invisible lives,
shadowed by her thrall.
Silent Shadows
Silent Shadows


This poem depicts the experience of siblings who feel overshadowed and invisible at a family reunion due to their narcissistic mother’s dominating presence. It highlights the emotional neglect and isolation they endure.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about how some family members can dominate gatherings with their stories and presence, leaving others feeling invisible. This inspired me to write about the overlooked experiences of siblings in such scenarios.

Her Conditional Love

Love tied to success,
affection with strings,
children strive hard,
for what praise brings.

Her smiles are rewards,
for deeds well done,
failures find coldness,
a shunning sun.

Narcissist's gaze,
fixed on their worth,
achievements bring light,
failures, dark earth.

In conditional ways,
her love unfolds,
a fragile warmth,
so distant, so cold.
Conditional Pathways
Conditional Pathways


This poem explores the conditional nature of a narcissistic mother’s love, which is dependent on her children’s achievements. It highlights the emotional toll this takes, creating an environment where affection is earned rather than given freely.

Inspiration Behind

I reflected on how some people base their affection on accomplishments, making love a conditional reward. This inspired me to depict the fragile and often cold reality faced by children in such situations.

Always Right, Never Sorry

In a house of words,
arguments entwine,
her voice the loudest,
never out of line.

Mistakes are others',
never her own,
a narcissist's pride,
etched in stone.

Children walk on glass,
careful what they say,
her wrath is swift,
regrets kept at bay.

Always right, she stands,
never bends or bows,
in her stubborn world,
no sorrys allowed.
Stubborn World
Stubborn World


This poem depicts the relentless insistence of a narcissistic mother who never admits fault. It captures the atmosphere of tension and fear her family endures due to her unyielding need to always be right.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about the impact of living with someone who can never admit they are wrong. This inspired me to illustrate the emotional strain and cautious environment created by such a person’s presence.

End Words

These Poems About Narcissistic Mothers explore the complex and often painful dynamics between narcissistic mothers and their children. They highlight the emotional toll of conditional love, the impact of a dominating presence, and the hidden struggles behind seemingly perfect facades. Through vivid imagery and concise lines, the poems aim to shed light on the challenges faced by those living under the influence of narcissism.

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