Sorry Poems for Mom

Sorry Poems for Mom

Credit Card Secrets

Online shopping, thrill was there,
Clicked away without a care.

Mom's card used, without a thought,
Fun and games, but then I got caught.

Bills arrived, truth exposed,
Consequences, heart enclosed.

Hid the purchases, tried to lie,
Mom’s face, hurt, made me cry.

Sorry, Mom, for what I’ve done,
Lost your trust, nowhere to run.

Financial strain, I didn’t see,
How my actions affected me.

I regret the thoughtless spree,
Now I beg for your mercy.

Hope to earn back your trust,
Learning honesty is a must.

Promise now to make amends,
With your help, the wound mends.

Mom, I seek your guiding hand,
Together, strong we will stand.
Regretting the The Unseen Debt
Regretting the The Unseen Debt


“Credit Card Secrets” reflects a teenage girl’s regret after using her mom’s credit card without permission, leading to financial problems. It highlights the importance of trust and the desire to rectify mistakes.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the temptations teens face in the digital age and the serious consequences of seemingly harmless actions. It underscores the need for accountability and the hope for forgiveness and rebuilding trust.

Lost Trust at the Party

Empty house, party loud,
Friends came, music proud.
Rules I broke, trust I sold,
Sorry, Mom, truth be told.

Laughter spilled, secrets told,
Mom's rules left in the cold.
Lights flickered, worries grew,
Choices made, now I rue.

Morning came, guilt was clear,
Faces gone, but you’re here.
Hurtful glance, words were few,
Silence spoke, what did I do?

Trust I lost, hearts apart,
Mom, I wish to restart.
Mend the bridge, heal the pain,
Love and trust, please remain.
After the Party
After the Party


“Lost Trust at the Party” reflects a teenager’s regret and guilt after betraying their mother’s trust by hosting an unauthorized party. It highlights the emotional impact and the desire to rebuild the damaged relationship.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem thinking about the importance of trust between parents and children. I imagined the regret one feels after making a mistake and the earnest desire to make things right. The theme is close to many hearts, as trust is a fragile yet vital part of relationships.

Regrets of a Stolen Car Night

Engine roared, thrill began,
Nighttime drive, foolish plan.
Roads ahead, choices blind,
Left good sense far behind.

Streetlights blurred, speed increased,
Mom’s car seized, peace deceased.
Cops arrived, lights aglow,
Heart sank low, guilt did grow.

Skid marks stained, damage done,
Night of fun turned to none.
Consequences came fast,
Lessons learned, shadows cast.

Mom’s tears fell, hurt and shock,
Trust shattered, like a rock.
Sorry, Mom, for the fright,
Regrets of a stolen night.

Hope to mend, heal the scar,
Reach for light, near and far.
Mom, I see wrong from right,
Promise you, no more flight.
Night of Regret
Night of Regret


“Regrets of a Stolen Car Night” captures a teenager’s deep remorse after taking the family car without permission, leading to serious consequences. The poem emphasizes the pain of broken trust and the desire for redemption.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the reckless choices some teens make and the lasting impact on their families. I wanted to convey the profound regret and the earnest plea for forgiveness that follows such mistakes. Trust and responsibility are central themes.

The Empty Bottle Lament

Quiet room, bottle found,
Curiosity unbound.
Took a sip, felt the thrill,
Forgotten now, bitter pill.

Night went on, senses blurred,
Lines I crossed, words unheard.
Friends laughed, moment of glee,
Morning came, reality.

Empty bottle, shameful sight,
Mom’s face, pale in the light.
Trust now broken, hurt revealed,
Heartfelt sorrow, slowly healed.

Sorry, Mom, for the pain,
Loss of trust, foolish gain.
Lessons learned, now I see,
The cost of my revelry.

Hope to mend, bridge the gap,
Find the way, no more mishap.
Seek your love, earn again,
Mom, I’ll be better then.
Morning Realization
Morning Realization


“The Empty Bottle Lament” expresses a child’s deep regret after experimenting with alcohol found at home, leading to broken trust and hurt feelings. The poem underscores the importance of responsibility and the desire for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the common struggles teens face when experimenting with substances. I wanted to convey the regret and the longing to restore trust that follows such mistakes. It’s about learning and growing from these experiences.

Unexpected Paths, Unspoken Fears

Life took turns I didn’t see,
Paths now fraught with misery.

Thought I knew, was so naive,
Now I fear, and now I grieve.

Choices made, and nights alone,
Left me scared, heart like stone.

Future’s dark, unclear, unknown,
Mom, I wish I’d always known.

Silent tears, my hidden shame,
Life will never be the same.

Mom, I need your guiding hand,
Hope you somehow understand.

Sorry, Mom, for all the pain,
Need your love to heal again.

Fearful steps, a journey new,
Facing life with thoughts of you.

Hope to find a way to cope,
In your love, I place my hope.

Mom, I’m scared, but I’ll try,
With your help, we’ll get by.
Facing the Future
Facing the Future


“Unexpected Paths, Unspoken Fears” captures the deep regret and fear of a teenage girl who unexpectedly becomes pregnant. She seeks her mother’s understanding and support during this challenging time, emphasizing the importance of love and guidance.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem thinking about the difficult situations many teenagers face and the overwhelming emotions that come with them. It highlights the need for parental support and understanding in times of crisis. This poem is a heartfelt plea for forgiveness and help.

End Words

These Sorry Poems for Mom capture the challenges and regrets that come with the mistakes of youth, highlighting the importance of trust, responsibility, and the desire for forgiveness. Each one reflects the emotional journey of a teenager seeking to mend their relationship with their mother, emphasizing the need for understanding and support during difficult times.

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