Summer of His Fourteenth Year Poem

Summer of His Fourteenth Year

He felt the sun,
its warm hand
guiding his strides
down the dusty lane.

He tossed rocks
into the river,
each splash a question
of who he might be.

Friends laughed
louder than crows,
tales spun from
freshly mowed fields.

Nights whispered secrets
through cricket songs,
stars blinking
in Morse code.

His shoes hung,
laces untied,
from the porch rail—
a flag of truce
between boy and beyond.

He grew—not just taller,
but into new skin,
raw and wondering,
ready for tomorrow.
River of Questions
River of Questions
Starry Secrets
Starry Secrets


Summer of His Fourteenth Year poem reflects the tender growth and quiet discoveries of a young boy during a significant summer, as he explores the cusp of adolescence. It highlights simple, yet profound moments of change and contemplation, capturing the essence of youthful transformation.

Inspiration Behind

This piece sprang from my own memories of summer—those endless days filled with small adventures and the subtle shifts within oneself. The setting sun, the laughter among friends, and the solitude of starry nights, all shaped my thoughts as I penned these lines.

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