The War Will End Poem

The War Will End

Look, there’s a promise in the sky,
not written, but whispered by the wind,
“The war will end.”
And do you see the fields, once scarred,
now whispering back, “We will mend”?

The night’s been long, too long,
filled with shadows, not stars.
But mornings come, don’t they?
Even after the darkest nights,
mornings always find a way.

We’ve dreamt of peace, you and I,
in a language beyond words.
A dream where silence speaks louder
than any cry of war ever heard.

Soon, guns will tire, their voices spent,
and in their place, a quiet, so profound,
will settle like dust.
Hands, once raised in anger,
will learn the art of trust.

The war will end, my friend,
not with a bang, but a sigh,
A collective release,
under a healing sky.
A peaceful morning in a village where people greet each other
A peaceful morning in a village where people greet each other


“The War Will End” navigates the hopeful anticipation of peace in a world wearied by conflict. Through a conversational tone, it explores the transformative journey from darkness to light, from discord to harmony. The poem emphasizes the inevitability of peace and the resilience of nature and humanity in the face of adversity. It celebrates the eventual triumph of unity and understanding over division and strife, encapsulating the collective yearning for a return to tranquility and mutual trust.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined standing beside a friend, looking over a battlefield turned silent. Each line flowed from a desire to speak directly to the soul, to offer solace and hope amidst despair. This vision of shared dreams and the simple yet profound longing for peace fueled my words, each one a step towards the quiet after the storm. In crafting this, I wanted to remind us of the power of perseverance and the beauty that awaits beyond strife. Now, let’s visualize this poem through watercolor images, featuring scenes of peace and renewal that mirror the poem’s essence.

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