Total Eclipse Poem
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Total Eclipse

Shadow veils the light of day,
Eclipsed sun, in hidden play.
Silence grips the midday night,
A spectacle of sheer delight.

Moon's caress, a tender thief,
Stealing light beyond belief.
Stars peek out, a rare surprise,
In daylight's mask, night's disguise.

Darkness dances, brief and sweet,
Solar heart skips a beat.
Earth and sky, in secret meet,
A moment shared, none can repeat.

Light returns, a slow unveil,
Day resumes its familiar trail.
Eclipse's gift, a memory,
Of cosmic ballet, a mystery.
Total Eclipse Moment
Total Eclipse Moment


Total Eclipse” captures the fleeting, yet profound moment when the moon obscures the sun, plunging daylight into darkness. This celestial event serves as a metaphor for life’s temporary eclipses, where light fades but inevitably returns. It speaks to the beauty of rare occurrences, the thrill of witnessing the extraordinary, and the inevitable resurgence of light, symbolizing hope and continuity amidst momentary darkness.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration came from a moment of awe, standing beneath the sky as day turned to night and back again, all within minutes. It’s like nature’s own theatre, a performance you don’t just see but feel through every part of you. The poem flowed from the rush of that experience—wanting to capture the magic, the suspense, and the shared wonder of it all. It’s about those brief moments that feel outside of time, yet deeply anchor us in the beauty of now.

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