World Ovarian Cancer Day Poems

World Ovarian Cancer Day Poems

Ovarian Cancer Day

Whispering winds on the eighth of May,
echo truths we must convey.
Hidden deep, where silence lays,
ovarian tales in somber greys.

Cells betray with quiet creep,
in shadows vast, they sow and reap.
Epithelial whispers, stromal songs,
where hope persists but fear prolongs.

Symptoms subtle, veiled and mild,
bloating, pain, deceptions styled.
Urgent whispers, frequent cries,
masked in common daily guise.

Early catch, survival’s friend,
late finds, harder to mend.
Awareness spreads, each May we vow,
to honor lives, and fight somehow.
Silent Struggles
Silent Struggles
Breakthrough of Hope
Breakthrough of Hope


This poem commemorates Ovarian Cancer Day, observed on May 8th, highlighting the critical nature of awareness and early detection. It reflects on the disease’s subtle symptoms and the complexities of its diagnosis, underscoring the importance of recognizing and addressing these signs early to improve prognosis.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the silent and often unnoticed progression of ovarian cancer, this poem is crafted to resonate with the hidden challenges faced by those affected. The date, May 8th, serves as a call to action, reminding us annually of the significance of vigilance and the potential for hope through early intervention.

The Risk Factors

Echoes of time, average age sixty-three,
silent shadows that cling with certainty.
Late echoes, harsh truths menopause brings,
hidden dangers in ovarian springs.

Genes carry tales from family trees,
secrets of illness in BRCA’s keys.
Heritage heavy, risks interlaced,
breast, colorectal, cannot be erased.

Unborn stories, fertility’s plight,
each condition casts shadows in light.
History’s hand, relentless and stern,
marks those it may, for all to discern.

Risk’s silent print on lives of the bold,
unseen markers, their stories unfold.
Knowledge our shield, awareness our sword,
fighting shadows with light’s spoken word.
Genetic Threads of Risk
Genetic Threads of Risk


“The Risk Factors” sheds light on the primary risk factors associated with ovarian cancer, emphasizing the importance of understanding and recognizing these risks early. It highlights how age, genetics, family history, and reproductive issues intertwine to increase the likelihood of this disease, underscoring the need for awareness and proactive health management.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the subtle and often overlooked risk factors that contribute to ovarian cancer. By personifying these risks as silent and relentless forces, the poem aims to instill a sense of urgency and vigilance in addressing and understanding ovarian cancer’s complexities, promoting early detection and informed health choices.

End Words

World Ovarian Cancer Day Poems dedicated to Ovarian Cancer Day aim to foster awareness and understanding about the disease, emphasizing the significance of recognizing risk factors and symptoms. By blending medical insights with poetic expression, the verses encourage reflection on the silent yet profound impact of ovarian cancer. The accompanying visual artwork complements the themes, enriching the message of vigilance and hope that is crucial for early detection and effective management of the disease.

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