Bed in Summer poem

Bed in Summer

Sun still high above,
Yet it's bedtime's call.
Curtains barely drawn,
Light spills through them all.

Cicadas’ evening song,
Warm breeze through the pane.
Stars begin to peek,
Night creeps in again.

Restless in the sheets,
Cool fans spinning slow.
Dreams of daytime fun,
In moonlight’s soft glow.

Shadows stretch and play,
Walls with twilight shades.
Eyes close to the hum,
As daylight softly fades.

Morning comes so fast,
Bright and early cheer.
Summer nights so short,
Yet dreams hold them dear.
Light in the evening
Light in the evening


Bed in Summer poem captures the challenge of going to bed while it’s still light out, a common experience for children during the long summer days. It highlights the transition from the vibrant day to the calm night.

Inspiration Behind

I remember as a child, lying in bed while the sun still shone outside. The lingering daylight and sounds of summer nights inspired these lines.

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