Dementia Poems for Mother

Dementia Poems for Mother

Fading Photographs

In albums old, we sit and stare,
A time once vivid, now threadbare.

Her eyes, they search, but often fail,
To catch the past within the veil.

A wedding day, a newborn's face,
Moments lost in time's embrace.

She smiles, then frowns, confusion clear,
A distant past feels ever near.

We laugh at scenes from long ago,
Her laughter fades, a tender woe.

I hold her hand, the photos turn,
A silent tear, my heart does yearn.

Faces blur, their names elude,
Memories now start to exclude.

Yet in her eyes, a fleeting gleam,
A memory's touch, a vanished dream.

We close the book, the moments wane,
Love remains through joy and pain.

In every glance, a story fades,
Yet love's light never fully shades.
Shared Memories
Shared Memories


“Fading Photographs” captures the poignant experience of a child and their mother as they sort through old photographs. The mother struggles with dementia, often unable to remember the moments captured, but the love between them endures despite the fading memories.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem thinking of the bittersweet moments shared with loved ones who suffer from dementia. Sorting through photographs, I imagined the mix of joy and sorrow, the fleeting moments of recognition, and the enduring bond of love that remains despite the ravages of time and memory loss.

Stitched Memories

With every patch, a story sewn,
Her fingers trace the threads alone.

She pauses, lost in patterned maze,
A mind once sharp, now in a haze.

Each piece of cloth a tale to tell,
Of love and life, she knew so well.

But now the patterns slip away,
As memories begin to fray.

I watch her hands, so skilled, so kind,
Searching for the ties that bind.

In every stitch, a part of me,
A past she's woven tenderly.

She smiles at threads she used to know,
In fabric soft, the memories flow.

Though threads may tangle, fade, or fall,
The love she stitched transcends them all.

Threads of Memory
Threads of Memory


“Stitched Memories” portrays a mother sewing a quilt while struggling with dementia. Her child cherishes the quilt’s stories, woven through each patch, despite the mother’s fading ability to recall patterns and threads.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the idea of quilting as a metaphor for memory. Watching a loved one with dementia, I imagined the quilt as a tangible representation of their shared history, with each stitch holding a piece of the past.

Reflections in the Window

She gazes through the glass at scenes unknown,
Her eyes mistake reflections for the past.
In shifting lights, the truth remains alone.

Her memories, like shadows, overthrown,
A fleeting glimpse, too fragile to hold fast.
She gazes through the glass at scenes unknown.

I watch her face, the lines of time have grown,
Her smile, a ghost of moments that have passed.
In shifting lights, the truth remains alone.

She sees herself in days now overblown,
The present slips, her mind is overcast.
She gazes through the glass at scenes unknown.

Each day, a thread of memory has flown,
The window frames a world that’s fading fast.
In shifting lights, the truth remains alone.

Yet in her gaze, a love that once was shown,
Her child beside her, anchor to the mast.
She gazes through the glass at scenes unknown.
In shifting lights, the truth remains alone.
Shifting Memories
Shifting Memories


“Reflections in the Window” captures the confusion and fragility of a mother’s memories as she looks out a window, mistaking reflections for reality. Her child reflects on the shifting perspectives of memory and the enduring bond between them.

Inspiration Behind

This poem was inspired by the delicate nature of memory in those with dementia. The imagery of reflections and windows symbolizes the blurred lines between past and present, highlighting the emotional journey of both the mother and her child.

End Words

Dementia Poems for Mother explore the tender and complex relationship between a mother with dementia and her child. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt moments, they highlight the enduring bond of love, even as memories fade and perspectives shift. Each poem captures the emotional journey of cherishing the past while navigating the challenges of the present.

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