Emerald jewel frog

Frog Haiku Poem 2

Emerald Jewel

Emerald jewel gleams,
Atop a lily pad's green crown,
Serene pond's embrace.
Frog Haiku Poem 2


The poem “Emerald Jewel” paints a serene picture of a tranquil pond and the emerald jewel-like frog that resides within it. The poem begins with a vivid image of the frog, its emerald skin glistening in the sunlight as it sits atop its lily pad throne. The phrase “lily pad’s green crown” suggests a sense of regality and nobility, emphasizing the frog’s position as the ruler of its domain. The final line, “Serene pond’s embrace,” brings the poem to a peaceful conclusion, emphasizing the tranquil atmosphere of the pond and the frog’s harmonious existence within it.

Overall, the poem conveys a sense of tranquility and harmony, capturing the beauty of nature and the delicate balance of life within a pond ecosystem.

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