A frog enjoying the autumn

Autumn Reflection

Leaves fall, pond is still,
A lone frog contemplates life,
Autumn's quiet chill.
A frog is having Autumn Reflection


The haiku “Autumn Reflection” portrays a serene autumn scene. It begins with falling leaves and a still pond, setting a calm and reflective mood. The focus then shifts to a lone frog, which seems to be in a contemplative state, symbolizing introspection and the slowing pace of life. The haiku concludes with the mention of autumn’s quiet chill, emphasizing the season’s characteristic coolness and the sense of peaceful solitude that accompanies it. This haiku captures the essence of autumn as a time for reflection and the quiet beauty of nature’s transition.

Inspirations Behind

While writing “Autumn Reflection“, I was inspired by the quiet, introspective beauty of autumn. The image of a lone frog amidst the falling leaves and the stillness of the pond evoked a sense of calm and contemplation. I felt a deep connection to the season’s gentle transition, where life slows down, and moments of peaceful reflection become more profound. This scene filled me with a sense of serenity and an appreciation for the subtle, yet profound changes that autumn brings.

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