A sad frog

Poem About a Frog

In the quiet of the meadow, under skies so vast and blue,
Sits a lonely little frog, where the wildflowers grew.
Tears like morning dewdrops, in his eyes they glisten,
For his beloved partner, he can't help but listen.

Once they hopped together, in the dance of spring's embrace,
Leaping through the grasses, in a tender, joyful race.
But now the meadow's silent, no echo of a song,
Since his partner left him, everything feels wrong.

He sits upon the grass blade, his heart heavy with grief,
In the stillness of the meadow, he finds no relief.
Each tear a memory, of a love so deep and true,
In the world's great vastness, he feels small and blue.

The sun sets in the distance, painting the sky in hues of pain,
Reflecting his sorrow, like the softest, mournful strain.
He longs for one more chorus, a leap, a touch, a glance,
In the meadow of memories, where once they had their dance.

So there he sits in silence, as the stars begin to appear,
A sad little frog, shedding his lonely tear.
For love lost is a burden, in the heart it leaves a mark,
Even for a frog, in the meadow, so stark.


The poem “Poem About a Frog” tells the poignant story of a lonely frog mourning the loss of its partner. Set in a quiet meadow, the frog is depicted sitting on the grass, overwhelmed with grief and longing. The poem vividly describes the frog’s sadness and the deep connection it had with its partner, marked by joyful leaps and a shared love in the dance of spring. The setting sun and the tranquil meadow reflect the frog’s sorrow and loneliness. This touching narrative captures the universal themes of love, loss, and the enduring impact of grief, even in the simplest of creatures like a frog.

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