Cute frogs

Frog Poem

In the heart of the marsh, where the cattails sway,
Lies a kingdom where the croakers hold sway.
A chorus that rises as the day does wane,
In the frog poem, each note a refrain.

Emerald guardians of this watery realm,
In their thrones of lily pads, they overwhelm.
With a leap and a dive, they dance and they play,
Under the moon's soft and silvery ray.

Their song weaves a tapestry, rich and deep,
A lullaby that lulls the world to sleep.
A symphony of croaks, a melody so bold,
In the frog poem, a story told.

They speak of raindrops and the cool of the night,
Of dew on the grass in the morning light.
In each ribbit and croak, there's a tale to be told,
In the frog poem, never old.

So listen close as night falls soft,
To the rhythm of the marsh, aloft.
In every croak, a world unfolds,
In the frog poem, nature's stories told.


The “Frog Poem” celebrates the enchanting world of frogs in their natural marsh habitat. It describes their vibrant lives as they sing, leap, and play, especially under the moonlight. The poem captures the essence of their nightly chorus, likening it to a lullaby that soothes the world into sleep. It highlights the frogs as storytellers of the natural world, with each croak revealing tales of nature, from raindrops to morning dew. This poem is an ode to the frogs’ unique role in the ecosystem, painting them as both guardians and performers of the marsh.

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