The Love is Blind Poem

Love is Blind

In shadows' play, eyes deceive,
Touch becomes the sight we weave.
Blind, yet vivid, love's design,
Tracing paths no eyes define.

In silence, hearts converse, reveal,
A language eyes cannot unseal.
Blindfolded trust, in leaps entwined,
Where vision fades, love’s sight refined.

In the absence of light, feelings grow,
Blind, yet clear, as true hearts show.
Emotions deep, in darkness find,
A love so blind, yet not confined.
Connection between the two lovers goes beyond what can be seen
Connection between the two lovers goes beyond what can be seen


“Love is Blind” explores the profound concept that love transcends the physical realm, emphasizing emotional connection over visual perception. It delves into how love’s essence is felt deeply within the soul, independent of the physical attributes that are often seen with the eyes. This short, impactful poem illustrates the journey of love that is not hindered by visual barriers, suggesting that true love is based on a deeper, intangible connection. It speaks to the idea that love’s true essence is discovered through emotional depth and trust, rather than physical appearance or visual stimuli.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the saying “love is blind.” I wanted to capture the essence of love’s ability to transcend physical appearances and societal expectations. I imagined lovers finding a deep connection in the absence of sight, where emotions and trust speak louder than visual cues. It was a challenge to convey this deep emotion with short lines, but I found beauty in the simplicity. The idea that love sees no boundaries or barriers intrigued me, pushing me to explore the depth of connections formed in the dark, where the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.

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