on a night of snow poem

On a Night of Snow

On a night of snow, when the world is hushed,
Under a sky where the stars are brushed,
The earth sleeps under a blanket white,
Enveloped in the quiet of the winter night.

Flakes fall softly, a gentle lace,
Each a whisper in time and space.
Trees stand still in their frosted attire,
Guardians of the night, silent and dire.

Footprints weave a solitary tale,
Through the woods, along the trail.
In the stillness, a tranquility grows,
In the heart of the world, on a night of snow.

The moon casts a silvery, tranquil glow,
On the undisturbed canvas below.
A world paused, in a moment so rare,
Captured in the stillness of the winter air.
Peaceful winter night


On a Night of Snow is a serene portrayal of a winter night blanketed in snow. The poem brings to life the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of a snowy night, emphasizing the gentle fall of snowflakes and the stillness of the natural world. It describes the moon’s soft glow over the landscape, creating a sense of tranquility and timelessness. The poem captures the beauty of a winter night, where the world seems to pause, and a unique calm pervades everything.

Inspirations Behind

I was inspired to write “On a Night of Snow” during a quiet evening as snow gently covered the landscape outside my window. The peacefulness of the scene, with the soft glow of the moonlight and the pristine beauty of the freshly fallen snow, filled me with a sense of awe and tranquility. This poem is a reflection of that moment, an attempt to capture the magical stillness of a winter night. It’s a celebration of nature’s quiet beauty, the kind that makes you pause and appreciate the simple wonders of the world.

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