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Poems About the 4 Seasons

Spring: A Prelude of Bloom

In verdant cloak, Spring shyly wades,
Through Winter's last, frostbitten shades.
With whispers soft of blooming grace,
She paints a smile on Earth's cold face.
The spring season
The spring season
A summer photo

Summer: The Vibrant Verse

Beneath the Sun's high, golden gaze,
Lies Summer's long, languorous days.
A sonnet sung in heated air,
With passion's power laid bare.

Autumn: The Falling Rhyme

Autumn strums a cooler tune,
Orange leaves dance under the moon.
A rustling lyric on the ground,
The prelude to a stillness found.
Autumn foliage
Winter photo
Winter photo

Winter: The Silent Sonnet

Winter's hush blankets the land,
In a pristine, alabaster hand.
A breathless pause, a quiet sigh,
Under the heavy, gray sky.


Poems About the 4 Seasons” personifies the four seasons as movements in a grand symphony of nature. Each stanza captures the distinct personality and atmosphere of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, inviting the reader to experience the cyclical and ever-changing flow of time and seasons.

Inspirations Behind

As I wandered through the cycle of the year, I felt each season’s unique breath and cadence. Spring’s arrival was a gentle awakening, while Summer blazed like a passionate crescendo. Autumn brought a reflective slow-down, a preparation for Winter’s silent, introspective finale. This natural quartet inspired me to capture their essence in verse, crafting a narrative that flowed seamlessly from one to the next.

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