Poems from Son to Deceased Mother

Poems from Son to Deceased Mother

Lessons by the Lake

By the lake, we walked slow,
Whispering leaves, gentle flow.
Mother’s words, soft and wise,
Under blue, open skies.

Hold your dreams, never stray,
Find the light, find your way.
Be kind, strong, love sincere,
Face your fears, persevere.

By the shore, we would pause,
Life’s great lessons, nature's laws.
In her voice, calm and sweet,
Strength and peace, I would meet.

Now she’s gone, yet I find,
Her wise words, in my mind.
By the lake, still I stand,
Guided by, her gentle hand.
Everlasting Bond
Everlasting Bond


This poem reflects a son’s memories of his mother and the wisdom she imparted during their serene walks by a lakeside. It captures the essence of her guidance and the everlasting impact of her teachings.

Inspiration Behind

I drew from the peace of nature and the bond between a mother and child. I pictured them sharing moments by the water, her voice filled with wisdom, shaping his path even after she’s gone.

Silent Sundays

Morning light, gentle glow,
In those days, time was slow.

Coffee steam, mom’s warm smile,
Moments shared, linger awhile.

Birdsong, soft, filled the air,
Quiet talks, simple care.

Pages turned, stories told,
In her eyes, warmth, behold.

Sunday peace, calm and bright,
In her presence, all was right.

Now alone, mornings gray,
Her sweet voice, far away.

Memory, tender thread,
Links to times, tears unshed.

Empty chair, silent room,
Miss her voice, soft perfume.

Still I sit, Sunday dawn,
Feel her near, though she’s gone.

Morning's hush, gentle sway,
Love’s sweet echo, day by day.
Morning Memories
Morning Memories


This poem reflects a son’s reminiscence of quiet Sunday mornings once shared with his mother, now filled with a deep sense of loss and longing. It highlights the tender moments that remain in his heart.

Inspiration Behind

I drew inspiration from the serenity of early mornings and the profound bond between mother and child. I imagined the comfort and warmth of their time together, now a cherished memory.

My Guide Through the Mist

Through the mist, your voice stays clear,
Guiding me on every way,
In dark nights, I feel you near.

Though you're gone, I have no fear,
Your wisdom lights up the gray,
Through the mist, your voice stays clear.

Life’s rough seas, you steered, my dear,
Calm and steady, come what may,
In dark nights, I feel you near.

When I falter, you appear,
In my thoughts, your love will stay,
Through the mist, your voice stays clear.

In my heart, you still adhere,
Leading me, night and day,
In dark nights, I feel you near.

Gone from sight, yet so sincere,
Your light shows the path, I pray,
Through the mist, your voice stays clear,
In dark nights, I feel you near.
Eternal Presence
Eternal Presence


This villanelle captures a son’s sense of his mother’s enduring guidance, even after her passing. Her wisdom and love act as a beacon, helping him navigate life’s uncertainties.

Inspiration Behind

I drew inspiration from the idea of a guiding light in times of trouble. I envisioned a son feeling his mother’s presence as a comforting force, guiding him through life’s challenges.

Faded Perfume

In the breeze, I catch a trace,
Her scent lingers, soft embrace.
Moments gone, yet here they stay,
In my heart, she finds a way.

Flowers bloom, her touch remains,
Through the years, love sustains.
Perfume fades, memories bright,
In the dark, her guiding light.

Silent nights, I breathe her near,
In the air, she’s always here.
Her perfume, a gentle breeze,
Bringing back those memories.

Though she's gone, her essence stays,
In the scent, past relays.
Faded perfume, sweet and true,
Brings her close, like morning dew.
Lingering Scent
Lingering Scent


This poem conveys how the lingering scent of a mother’s perfume brings back vivid memories, keeping her presence alive in the son’s heart. It captures the enduring impact of her love and essence.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by how a simple scent can evoke powerful memories and emotions. I imagined the son finding comfort and connection through the lingering aroma of his mother’s perfume.

Candles on the Window Sill

Each night, I light a candle.
On the window sill, it flickers.
Soft glow, gentle warmth,
A beacon, for your memory.

I remember your hands,
Steady, lighting our way,
Through life’s twists and turns,
Now, I hold the flame.

It’s quiet here without you.
The shadows feel heavier.
Yet, this light, small and constant,
Keeps you close, guides you home.

I speak to the flame,
As if you can hear,
Stories of my day,
Hopes, fears, love.

This ritual, nightly vigil,
Is my way to honor you,
To feel your presence,
In the soft, silent glow.
Nightly Vigil
Nightly Vigil


This poem reflects a son’s nightly ritual of lighting a candle to honor his deceased mother, symbolizing his connection to her and his hope that she finds her way home.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the tradition of lighting candles for loved ones. I imagined the son finding solace in this simple act, keeping his mother’s memory alive through the soft glow of the flame.

End Words

The Poems from Son to Deceased Mother convey a son’s deep connection to his deceased mother, highlighting the ways he honors her memory and feels her presence. Through simple, everyday rituals and sensory memories, he finds comfort and guidance, keeping her spirit alive in his heart.

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