Short snowman poem

Short Snowman Poem

Little Snowman

Little snowman, small and bright,
Stands in the yard, a snowy white.
Coal for eyes, and a carrot nose,
In winter's chill, he proudly glows.
The cute little snowman
The cute little snowman


Little Snowman is a concise and cheerful short snowman poem, perfect for young children. It describes a small snowman, highlighting his key features with simple, vivid imagery. The poem conveys a sense of pride and joy in the snowman’s presence in a winter landscape.

Inspirations Behind

Creating “Little Snowman,” I was inspired by the delight of young children in seeing a snowman come to life. The poem is a tribute to the simple pleasures of winter, capturing the essence of a snowman’s charming and cheerful character in just a few lines.

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