Snow globe poem

Snow Globe

In my hands, a world so small,
A glass dome, a snowy thrall.
Inside, a tiny town in white,
Sparkles under the moonlight.

Shake it gently, let it snow,
Watch the flakes, in a gentle flow.
Houses, trees, a silent street,
In this globe, our dreams meet.

A little figure stands alone,
Beneath the church's steeple stone.
Around him swirls a winter's dance,
In this globe, a tranquil trance.

Outside, the world is vast and wide,
But in my hands, a snow globe's pride.
A miniature wonder, a magic sphere,
Where every snowfall is so near.
Enchanting world within a snow globe

You can listen to this poem here.


Snow Globe poem is a whimsical poem that encapsulates the enchanting world within a snow globe. It describes a miniature snowy town, sparkling under moonlight, with a sense of serenity and magic. The poem conveys the wonder of watching snowflakes dance around a little figure in the globe, creating a tranquil, dreamlike atmosphere.

Inspirations Behind

Inspired by the charming simplicity of a snow globe, “Snow Globe” emerged as a reflection of the small wonders that bring joy. I envisioned a tiny, peaceful world, encapsulated in glass, where snow perpetually falls over a quaint town. The poem is a tribute to the magic of miniature worlds and the nostalgic joy they bring, reminding us of the beauty in small, serene moments.

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