Snow covered landscape
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Embrace of Snow

Snow kisses the earth,
Blanketing soil in silence,
Winter's soft whisper.
Embrace of snow


Embrace of Snow” is a haiku that captures the delicate interaction between snow and soil during winter. The imagery of snow gently kissing the earth evokes a sense of tenderness and tranquility. This poem reflects on the quiet, transformative power of winter, as it envelops the landscape in a serene and peaceful embrace.

Inspirations Behind

As I crafted this 5 7 5 style winter haiku, I was moved by the gentle way snow falls and settles on the ground. It feels like a quiet conversation between the sky and the earth. In my mind, I visualized a landscape transitioning under a blanket of snow, where each flake added to the stillness and beauty of the scene. This haiku is a tribute to the subtle yet profound changes that winter brings, symbolizing both an end and a new beginning.

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