Dear Mama Poem
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Dear Mama

Dear Mama, skies were grey,
Your words, a sunray.
In storms, you were my cloak,
In despair, the hope I spoke.

Every lesson you have sown,
In soft soil, carefully grown.
Your laughter, my favorite tune,
Under stars, beneath the moon.

In your arms, a fortress found,
In your wisdom, solid ground.
You taught me how to stand,
With gentle words and firmer hand.

Now as I walk my path,
Filled with love, spared the wrath.
Dear Mama, through all strife,
Your lessons are my life.
A burst of sunlight illuminating Mom's and kid's smiles
A burst of sunlight illuminating Mom’s and kid’s smiles
A child finding refuge in their mother's embrace
A child finding refuge in their mother’s embrace


Dear Mama poem is a heartfelt tribute to the nurturing and guiding influence of a mother. The poem expresses gratitude for the mother’s unwavering support and wisdom, portraying her as both a protective presence and a source of joy. Through vivid metaphors, it celebrates the emotional and moral foundation she provides, shaping the speaker’s life with lessons of resilience and love.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the profound impact of maternal love and guidance, this poem reflects on the countless ways a mother supports her child through challenges and joys alike. It aims to honor the enduring bond between mother and child, acknowledging how a mother’s teachings become integral to one’s life path.

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