Frog enjoying the season

Journey Through the Seasons

In a world where whispers of leaves tell tales,
A little frog embarked on trails.
Through Spring's embrace, vibrant and new,
Where flowers danced and the grasses grew.

Summer came with a golden glow,
Warm breezes taught the streams to flow.
The frog leaped high under sun's bright eye,
Chasing dragonflies across the sky.

Autumn whispered with a russet tone,
Leaves twirled in dance, as winds were blown.
Our frog found joy in the cooling air,
Harvest moons and fruits everywhere.

Winter's touch, soft and serene,
Blanketed the world in a frosty sheen.
In this quiet, the frog found peace,
Resting in nature's silent release.

Each season a chapter, a story bold,
In the journey of a frog, forever told.
From Spring's first bloom to Winter's sleep,
Life's cycle in memories, the frog will keep.

A recitation of this poem’s here.


Journey Through the Seasons” is a lyrical exploration of the changing seasons, as experienced by a little frog. Each stanza represents a different season, encapsulating the unique beauty and essence of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The poem captures the sense of wonder and adaptation to the rhythms of nature, illustrating the cyclical journey through the ever-changing canvas of the environment.

Inspirations Behind

As I wove the words of this poem, I found myself deeply immersed in the beauty of nature’s cycles. The little frog, a symbol of adaptability and growth, became my muse. I envisioned its journey through the vibrant spring meadows, under the summer sun, across the autumn leaves, and into the quietude of winter. This poem is a reflection of my own appreciation for the natural world and its endless, beautiful transformations.

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