Charming frog

Guardian of the Marshland Melody

Beneath the canopy, where shadows play,
A vibrant frog begins his day.
Emerald green with spots of gold,
His story in the pond unfolds.

He leaps with grace from stone to reed,
In pursuit of a tasty insect feed.
The water's surface, his mirror clear,
Reflects a face, devoid of fear.

The chorus of crickets, his nightly song,
In this wetland, he belongs.
With every ribbit, he calls a mate,
Hoping love is not too late.

The rain kisses his bumpy hide,
As he watches the world from the waterside.
Dragonflies dance, a ballet in the air,
While the frog observes with a steady stare.

A guardian of the marshland's lore,
With secrets of old, and tales galore.
In the gentle glow of the setting sun,
His amphibian heart beats, life's rhythm spun.

So in the quiet of the twilight's log,
Rests the soulful, dreamy frog.
In nature's symphony, he plays his part,
With a song that echoes, straight from the heart.


In a marshy setting, a vibrant frog starts his day. His appearance is striking with a mix of green and gold. He moves gracefully, hunting for insects and enjoying the natural beauty around him. At night, he calls out, hoping to find a mate. The rain and the dragonflies add to the ambiance of his habitat. The frog is portrayed as a guardian of marshland tales, and his life is depicted as a harmonious part of nature’s grand symphony.

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