Frog and water lily

Serenade of the Frog and Water Lily

In a tranquil pond, where waters lay still,
A secret world thrives, quiet and chill.
'Neath the sun's gentle kiss, lilies bloom bright,
Cradling whispers of dawn's early light.

Upon a green pad, a frog finds its throne,
In this hushed haven, it reigns all alone.
Its croak a soft melody, under the sky,
Where water lilies and dreams never die.

Emerald leaves float, serene, undisturbed,
Guardians of depths, where mysteries are preserved.
Each petal a story, in soft hues unfurled,
Whispers of a world, silently swirled.

The frog leaps gracefully, with a splash and a dive,
In this water realm, where wonders thrive.
Underneath the sun's warm, golden array,
Whispers of the water lily and the frog play.

With each ripple that stirs the placid lake,
New tales awaken, for the morning's sake.
In the embrace of leaves, green and wide,
Lies a symphony of nature, in elegance, they hide.

As twilight descends, and stars find their place,
The frog serenades the night, with grace.
In the moon's silver shine, secrets are kept,
As the water lily and its guardian slept.

Thus, in this pond, where time gently treads,
A world of whispers and croaks gently spreads.
And as dawn returns, with its golden display,
New tales of the water lily and the frog begin their day.


“Serenade of the Frog and Water Lily” is a tranquil poem set in a serene pond where nature thrives in quiet harmony. It describes the peaceful coexistence of a frog, reigning from its lily pad throne, and the blooming water lilies, each telling their own silent story. The poem captures the essence of the pond’s life through the day and night, highlighting the gentle croaks of the frog and the subtle whispers of the water lilies. As day turns to night, the frog’s serenade blends with the moonlit whispers of the lilies, creating a symphony of nature. This poetic narrative celebrates the beauty and simplicity of life in a natural pond, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all its inhabitants.

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