Happy frogs

Poem About Frogs

In emerald realms where water lilies float,
And whispers of the wild gently gloat,
There dwell the jesters in green coats—
The frogs, with their croaky anecdote.

Underneath a moon's silvery sheen,
On a stage of lily pads serene,
They leap and land, unseen, unheard,
Save for the splash—a lone, rippling word.

With bulging eyes like twin orbs of glass,
They watch the world as it quietly passes,
Singing the rains, heralding spring,
In a chorus that only night's queen brings.

They are the princes of the pond's domain,
Crowned by reeds in summer's refrain,
With every hop, a story unfolds,
Of nature’s cycles, brave and bold.

So here's an ode to the frogs, so spry,
Who speak in tongues of the earth and sky,
May their symphony never cease to be
A wonderous part of the tapestry.

Here’s a recitation of this poem. I am sure that you will enjoy it.


The poem “Poem about Frogs” depicts frogs as whimsical creatures that enliven the pond with their croaks and leaps. They are portrayed as both the jesters and princes of the waterways, integral to the natural world’s rhythm and seasons. It’s a celebration of their existence within the tapestry of nature.

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