Poem on Snow White

Poem on Snow White

The Whisper of Winter’s Veil

In a realm where frost whispers through the dale,
A maiden fair, with skin like winter's snow,
Treads softly where the starlit paths prevail,
Her heart as pure as the ice's glow.

In forests deep, where silent secrets sleep,
She finds her solace 'neath the moon's soft light,
Her raven hair, in contrast stark and deep,
Sets off her visage, radiant and bright.

Seven guardians, in a cabin small,
Find in her presence, joy and laughter's call.
Yet, in the shadows, envy's seed is sown,
A queen, in fear, upon her darkened throne.

A poisoned apple, red as setting sun,
Brings forth a sleep, like death, but not undone.
For in her slumber, dreams of love do weave,
Awaiting true love's kiss, her soul to retrieve.

In this tale where love and kindness reign,
Snow White’s pure heart, untouched by stain,
Teaches us that innocence and grace,
Can light the darkest corners of any place.


The Whisper of Winter’s Veil” is a poetic rendition of the classic tale of Snow White. It paints a vivid picture of a maiden with a heart as pure as snow, living in harmony with nature and seven loyal guardians. The poem captures the essence of innocence and the stark contrast between good and evil, embodied by the envious queen. It concludes with the theme of love’s power to awaken and redeem, symbolized by the fateful kiss that breaks the spell.

Inspirations Behind

As I penned the Poem on Snow White, “The Whisper of Winter’s Veil,” I envisioned the timeless beauty of the Snow White story. I wanted to capture the essence of her purity and innocence against the backdrop of a mystical, snow-covered forest. The contrast between her gentle spirit and the dark jealousy of the queen became a focal point. The classic elements – the seven guardians, the enchanted apple, and the redemptive power of true love’s kiss – were interwoven to highlight the enduring themes of love, innocence, and the triumph of good over evil.

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