Proud Black Mom poem
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Proud Black Mom

Black queen, strong and wise,
Grace in every truth she spies.
Her laughter, a melody played loud,
Her head, forever high and proud.

In her arms, fierce battles rest,
In her heart, the bravest nest.
With steps that shake the ancient ground,
In her voice, freedom’s sound.

Stars reflect her shining might,
Guiding through the darkest night.
Roots deep in rich history’s loam,
She stands—a fortress, a home.

Every child’s bold, bright crown,
Crafted by love, handed down.
Proud black mom, her spirit sings,
In her love, greatness springs.
The strong black mom standing proudly on a hilltop at sunset
The strong black mom standing proudly on a hilltop at sunset
The black mommy of love and determination
The black mommy of love and determination


Proud Black Mom poem celebrates the strength, wisdom, and nurturing spirit of a Black mother. It paints a picture of a woman who embodies the majesty and resilience of a queen, whose laughter is as uplifting as a melody and whose presence is grounding and inspiring. The poem highlights her role not only as a caregiver but also as a beacon of freedom and guidance, deeply rooted in rich history. Her love and leadership equip her children to face the world with boldness and pride, illustrating how her influence shapes them into future leaders and custodians of her legacy.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration for this poem comes from a deep admiration for the enduring strength and cultural significance of Black mothers in their communities and families. I envisioned a figure who carries not just the weight of her own challenges but also the hopes of generations past and future. Her role is both a sanctuary and a fortress for her children, offering them a sense of identity and pride in their heritage. The imagery of her as a queen and a guiding star reflects the immense respect and reverence for the matriarchal power she holds, serving as a central pillar of strength and love within the family.

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