Creepy Roses are Red Poems
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Creepy Roses are Red Poems

Shadows Among Thorns

Roses are red,
Darkness, their bed,
In night's silent scream,
Things aren't what they seem.

Violets once bright,
Fade out of sight,
Underneath the moon's gleam,
Lost in a dream.

Through the thorns, eyes gleam,
Watching, unseen,
With a hunger, they beam,
In the twilight's beam.

Roses are red,
Violets, unsaid,
In shadows, they team,
A nightmare's dream.
Gleaming eyes hidden among roses, watching silently as moonlight filters through
Gleaming eyes hidden among roses, watching silently as moonlight filters through


“Shadows Among Thorns” delves into the eerie, unsettling side of nature, juxtaposing the classic beauty of roses with the sinister atmosphere of night. The poem plays on the contrast between the expectation of floral innocence and the lurking presence of something ominous. It suggests a world where darkness and light intermingle, where the beauty of roses and violets is overshadowed by an unsettling presence that watches from the shadows. This hidden observer, embodied by the gleam in the thorns, represents the unknown fears and secrets that lie beneath the surface of what we see, turning the natural into the supernatural.

Inspiration Behind

I was captivated by the idea of a garden at night, not just as a place of peace but as a realm where the veil between reality and imagination thins. The roses and violets, symbols of beauty and delicacy, became the perfect backdrop for a more sinister narrative. I imagined the garden as alive, with each thorn concealing eyes that hold untold stories, watching from the darkness. This image sparked a fascination with exploring the balance between the seen and unseen, the beautiful and the eerie, leading me to craft a tale that invites the reader to look beyond the petals and ponder the mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

Crimson’s Chill

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
In shadows, they tread,
Under moon's eerie hue.

Thorns sharp as dread,
Petals soaked in dew,
Upon graves they spread,
A chilling view.

Whispers of the dead,
In the fog that grew,
Words left unsaid,
In the cold wind's blow.

Roses are red,
Violets turn to grey,
Where darkness is fed,
Silence holds sway.
Blending beauty with the macabre
Blending beauty with the macabre
A field of vibrant red roses, turning grey as they stretch towards a shadowy forest
A field of vibrant red roses, turning grey as they stretch towards a shadowy forest


“Crimson’s Chill” weaves a narrative of unease and suspense through the imagery of roses thriving in ominous settings. The poem utilizes the classic “roses are red, violets are blue” motif but twists it into a macabre version that highlights nature’s beauty intertwined with elements of death and mystery. It plays on the contrast between the expected beauty of roses and the unsettling environments they bloom in, suggesting a connection between life and the afterlife, beauty and decay. The eerie atmosphere is amplified by references to graves, fog, and chilling winds, evoking a sense of the supernatural and the unspoken stories of those who have passed.

Inspiration Behind

I found my inspiration in the contrast between the traditional romanticism of roses and the spine-tingling allure of gothic tales. I envisioned a garden not in daylight, but bathed in moonlight, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the essence of the supernatural. The juxtaposition of vibrant roses against the backdrop of a misty graveyard sparked my creativity, leading me to craft a narrative that dances on the edge of beauty and eeriness. It’s as if each petal holds a secret, each thorn a story untold, compelling me to explore the delicate balance between life’s allure and its inevitable end.

End Words

The Creepy Roses are Red Poems presented offer a unique exploration of nature’s darker, more mysterious side, inviting the reader into a realm where beauty intertwines with an eerie atmosphere. Through the juxtaposition of vibrant roses against a backdrop of night and shadows, they subtly explore themes of presence and absence, seen and unseen, casting everyday elements in a new, uncanny light. This collection demonstrates how the familiar can be transformed into a source of intrigue and reflection, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the mysteries that lie just beneath the surface of our perceptions.

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