Cherry Poems
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Cherry Poems

Cherry Whim

In orchards where the cherries grow,
Round jewels of red begin to show.
Hanging from the branches, swaying,
Nature's candy, sweetly laying.

Ripe and rich, a tart surprise,
Beneath the broad, blue open skies.
Twins on stems, a pair in sync,
Blushing siblings at the brink.

Sun-kissed skin, to teeth cede,
Juice that writes a ruby creed.
A fleeting season's merry bounty,
Adorns the hills, the fields, the county.

Harvest hymns the pickers croon,
Under the watchful summer moon.
Cherries picked or left to fall,
A simple fruit, yet loved by all.
The radiant beauty of cherries glistening in the sunlight
The radiant beauty of cherries glistening in the sunlight
A single cherry moments before being enjoyed
A single cherry moments before being enjoyed


This poem celebrates the cherry, a simple yet cherished fruit. Each stanza is dedicated to the visual and sensory experience of cherries: from their appearance as gems in the orchard to the burst of flavor they offer. The poem also pays homage to the cherry’s place in the seasonal cycle and the joy of harvest, highlighting its fleeting presence that marks a specific, treasured time of year.

Inspiration Behind

I drew inspiration from the vivid imagery of cherry orchards in full bloom, with branches laden with fruit. I thought of the simple pleasure derived from tasting a cherry and the communal spirit of harvest time. I reflected on the temporary nature of this abundance and the memories it creates, year after year, in those who savor and share it.

Spring’s Cherry Blessing

In Spring's embrace, cherries bloom,
Red orbs of health, sweetly consumed.
Their tartness twirls upon the tongue,
A dance of life, newly sprung.

Vitamins housed in crimson spheres,
Bursting with life, as warmth nears.
Antioxidants in every bite,
Nature's own remedy, sheer delight.

Through vernal gates, these cherries come,
A herald of health, second to none.
Fibers woven in each cherry's skin,
Digestive tracks greet with a grin.

Cherished by trees, caressed by beams,
Cherries are Spring's own healthful dreams.
With each small fruit, life's canvas fills,
In Spring's soft hands, a cure for ills.
Cherry trees full of blossoms, signaling the arrival of spring
Cherry trees full of blossoms, signaling the arrival of spring
A bowl of fresh cherries
A bowl of fresh cherries


This poem is an ode to cherries, highlighting their health benefits as a symbol of spring’s renewal. It touches on the physical well-being these fruits promote, such as the vitamins and antioxidants they provide and their aid in digestion. The cherry becomes more than a fruit—it is an emblem of health and a blessing from the spring season, a natural gift that enhances life’s vibrant canvas.

Inspiration Behind

Crafting this piece, I envisioned the cherry as more than a fruit—it’s a gift of the spring season. As the trees burst into life and the cherries ripen, they bring not just beauty but also wellness. They embody the rejuvenation that spring brings to both the earth and our health, marking the end of cold days and the beginning of a flourishing period.

Cherry Picking Time

Spring unfurls, it’s cherry time,
Trees clad in blooms, a hill to climb.
Baskets swing by eager hands,
In rows where cherry laughter lands.

Skies paint blue on nature’s dome,
Amidst the orchard, we find home.
Fingers stain with juicy signs,
Of cherry red, in crooked lines.

Kids scamper, adults smile wide,
A shared pursuit, side by side.
From branches bowing, treasures hang,
Sweet rewards of sunlight's fang.

The buzz of bees, a soft decree,
That it’s the time for jubilee.
A celebration, purely prime,
This joyous cherry picking time.
Cherry picking going on
Cherry picking going on
Freshly picked cherries being put into a basket
Freshly picked cherries being put into a basket


“Cherry Picking Time” captures the essence of spring in the joyful activity of harvesting cherries. The poem depicts a scene of community and delight, where the simplicity of picking fruit becomes a collective experience of happiness. The act of cherry picking is not just a task, but a celebration, a moment where nature’s generosity is met with gratitude and enjoyment.

Inspiration Behind

The inspiration came from the vivid images of springtime orchards, the excitement of climbing trees, and the pleasure of picking fresh cherries. The sense of community and the connection to nature during the harvest season sparked the imagery for this poem. I imagined families and friends coming together, creating memories under the canopy of blooming trees, with laughter echoing through the branches.

End Words

The cherry poems weave together the fruit’s vibrant presence and its gifts to well-being with the rejuvenating spirit of spring. They reflect a natural interplay between health and growth, celebrating the cherry’s subtle power to nourish both the body and the soul as the seasons cycle forward. Each verse is a quiet homage to this small but mighty fruit, cherishing its role in the tapestry of the season.

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