The poem snow

The Poem Snow

Silent verses drift down from grey cloud scrolls,
Ink frozen in time, each flake a word in the cold.
Nature's own poetry, a script that unfolds,
A story in white, silently told.

The earth, a blank page, awaits the soft prose,
Of snowflakes that compose as down they pose.
An anthology of chill, where no ink flows,
But in its silent verse, the winter glows.

Each stanza settles in crystalline rows,
Rhymes piling up in delicate repose.
The poem snow, in quietude it grows,
A ballad in white, the wind gently blows.


The Poem Snow is a metaphorical piece likening snowfall to the writing of a silent poem by nature. Each snowflake is seen as a word or verse, contributing to the overall script that blankets the earth. The poem plays with the idea of nature as a poet, creating beauty through the simplicity and tranquility of falling snow.

Inspirations Behind

Crafting “The Poem Snow” was like watching the sky pen its musings onto the vast canvas of the earth. Inspired by the quietude of snowfall, I imagined each flake as a word from the heavens, creating a serene poem. This piece is a homage to winter’s unique way of writing its tales in the silence of its snow.

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