A frog enjoying the serenity

Whispering Reeds

In emerald realms where shadows play,
Beneath the moon's soft, silvery sway,
A frog resides in stillness deep,
Where whispering reeds their secrets keep.

Amid the marsh, a symphony,
Of croaks and chirps in harmony,
The frog, a prince in humble guise,
Sees worlds unfold in dragonflies.

With eyes like orbs of jade so clear,
Reflecting stars, he holds them dear,
Each night he sings a lullaby,
To stars that twinkle in the sky.

In ripples' dance, he finds his art,
Each leap and splash, a master's part,
The reeds, they bend, they sway, they hear,
His dreams within each droplet clear.

So listen close to nature's song,
Where tiny hearts beat strong and long,
In whispering reeds, the secrets lie,
Of life and love beneath the sky.


Whispering Reeds” captures the enchanting world of a frog living amidst the marshlands. The poem paints a vivid picture of the marsh as a realm of beauty and mystery under the moonlight. The frog, portrayed almost like a humble prince, becomes a symbol of harmony with nature, observing and reflecting the wonders of his surroundings. His interaction with the environment – the reeds, the water, the sky – highlights a deep connection with the natural world. The poem invites readers to appreciate the subtle yet profound beauty in nature’s simple elements.

Inspirations Behind

As I pondered over the theme, the image of a tranquil marshland under moonlight came to mind. I was inspired by the serene beauty of nature and its unnoticed inhabitants. The frog, often overlooked, emerged as a central character, embodying wisdom and harmony with the environment. I envisioned the reeds as whispering storytellers, sharing the marsh’s secrets and the frog’s dreams. The interplay of nature and its creatures, especially in the quiet of night, stirred a sense of wonder and reflection, leading to the creation of “Whispering Reeds.”

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